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About the company

ABHIJEET PUBLICATIONS is a Proprietory firm, established on 16.05.2003. The firm is aiming for publishing good academic scholarly books on Social Sciences and Humanities subjects, which can be sold in various Universities and government institutions. Besides Abhijeet Publications, also publishes paperback books for general readers and students also.

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For the Authors:

Authors willing to get their work published should email us, along with the prospective title of the work, number of the pages, and contents of the book.

For General Customers:

Customers willing to purchase our books are expected to contact us through email and whatsapp, those willing to purchase multiple books and copies, will be offered extra concessions on discounts and postage. We ask for payment first and have no post delivery or COD system. Payment should be done before final ordering, we will advise how much is needed to be paid (in case of multiple copies and Speed Post/courier charges).

For the Booksellers & Distributors:

We are always eager to work with good booksellers and book distributors, their enquiries and orders are always welcome, we offer good trade discount to the booksellers.

For Librarians:

We supply books to various institutes and libraries and follow all the rules and regulations of the institutes, especially in matters of library discount, edition, fair copies of the book etc.